Ever since the trust was formed, we have been striving to carry out various activities for betterment of special children as well as inspiring them to realize their latent talents.

The list of activities include:

Annual All Goa Dance Competition for special children where different school children get platform to showcase their talents.

‘Atmavishwas’, a special TV show was directed ` and broadcast on local channel in which children got opportunity to display their acting skills. The outstanding children are felicitated every year for their achievement int the respective fields. The whole intention behind this is to appreciate them and keep them going as well as to inspire others. A group of children with visual impairment was called from Mumbai to perform a beautiful dance act which was highly appreciated by everyone and was indeed an inspiration. Various recreation activities are carried out so as to improve their social skills. A picnic was arranged in which all those who had taken part enjoyed their heart out playing with each other.