Profile & Vision

CHETNA CHARITABLE TRUST is a registered NGO in Goa, with a mission to empower, protect and educate the Special Children, so that they can enjoy healthy and independent lives.

Founded in 2009 (Reg No 266/GOA/09) trust has been a front runner, dedicated to humanitarian activities for overall development of special children. The mission is to develop appropriate opportunities, skills and capacities thus enabling them to realize their potential and latent talents. Also, creating awareness and sensitizing the masses about the importance of empowerment of such children and help in every way possible to give them an equal status in society like any other normal child.

As a resource centre for people with special need, we provide early intervention services, education, livelihoods, developments, training and awareness, thus fostering bias free world and unite all children.

We felicitated special child Ms. Beena Verenkar for her achievement in badminton at Special Olympics Australia and Mr. Suvet Lotlikar who became a source of inspiration for everyone, becoming a successful body builder. We also organized All Goa Inter School Dance Competition for special children. Thus we strive to provide quality support from time to time.

The trust mainly focuses on upcoming project, in association with CHETNA EDUCATION SOCIETY (Reg No. 57/GOA/2015), to build a sophisticated school and rehabilitation centre to provide better environment for special children.