OUR SPECIAL SCHOOL apart, from teaching and training differently abled children, will also provide speech therapy and occupational therapy services. We believe that the warmth, love and encouragement these children experience here, will bring out their hidden potential and help develop their personality.

Special education is an integral part of our training program, through which the educational and social needs of the children are addressed. We will focus on the overall development of the child depending on needs as well as potential. The goal for all of our students is to gain greater functional independence skills. We will concentrate on teaching the life skills that children need to succeed at the activities of daily life, and help them to be a respected members of the family and society.
Our goal is to help students develop the skills to become as independent as possible and to enable them to succeed in the wider community.Often children are not fully toilet trained or able to dress independently.This is another area for priority and programs will be put in place to ensure that within a period of time, they will be not dependent upon any individual and will able to complete such tasks independently.Parents will be equally involved in this process.
We will focus on making every moment a learning opportunity. Self-help skills include brushing teeth, washing hands and eating independently, which many of us take for granted.

1) Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a hands-on therapeutic approach that teaches basic life skills to give a child more independence. The therapist will introduce, maintain, and improve skills. That way, children can be as independent as possible.
These are some of the skills occupational therapy may foster:
• daily living skills, such as dressing, brushing teeth, and other grooming skills
• fine motor skills required for holding objects while writing or cutting with scissors
• sitting, posture, or perceptual skills, such as telling the differences between colors, shapes, and sizes
• visual skills for reading and writing Our Only Motto is to help the children achieve functional independence in their daily life skills.

2) Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy which is a profound therapeutic tool, addresses all the needs of the child – physically and mentally.

3) Speech Therapy

The goal of therapy will be to improve useful communication. For some, verbal communication is a realistic goal. For others, the goal may be gestured communication. Still others may have the goal of communicating by means of a symbol system such as picture boards.
• Non-verbal communication. This may include teaching gestural communication,
• Speech pragmatics. It’s all well and good to know how to say “good morning.” But it’s just as important to know when, how and to whom you should say it.
• Conversation skills. Knowing how to make statements is not the same thing as carrying on conversations.

4) Vocational Training

Training in vocational skills prepares students to be mainstreamed into society and this training enables the “young adults” to be contributive members of their family and society to the extent possible.
Some of the vocational skills will include
1. Paper Bags making, File Making, Candle & Diya Making, Paintings & Greeting cards making etc
2. Kitchen Trainings
3. Shopping Skills
4. Handle and maintain cash

5) Dance Therapy

We know that dancing has many benefits from improving your physical health to giving people a way to deal with stress. For children with special needs the benefits are many from improving motor skills to improving social relationships. It can give children with learning disabilities a sense of belonging by improving their social interactions, it has also been observed that children that participate in dance therapy have improved their ability to read, focus and participate in a classroom setting.

6) Play Activities

Unfortunately, most children with special needs do not have friends or neighbours who accept them. So, besides giving them different sports trainings we will also invite regular kids at our play area to play & to celebrate their birthday parties etc.

7) Parental Counseling

Awareness will be created among parents of special children.
Provide them with useful tips on how to help, train and educate their child at home.
Psychotherapy, Counselling
Yoga Classes, Sports activities, Get-togethers etc.
They will made to feel special about their differently able sibling and realize that their help is needed for their development.