About Us

Chetna Charitable trust is an registered NGO in Goa with a mission to empower, protect and educate the Special Children, so that they can enjoy healthy and independent lives. Founded in 2009 (Reg No 266/GOA/09) trust has been a front runner, dedicated to humanitarian activities for overall development of special children.The mission is to develop appropriate opportunities, skills and capacities thus enabling them to realize their potential and latent talents. Also, creating awareness and sensitizing the masses about the importance of empowerment of such children and help in every way possible to give them an equal status in society like any other normal child.

Apart from the other activities, the trusts main dream has been to establish a sophisticated school and rehabilitation Centre with hostel facility for these Special children. So,funds were raised by presenting our drama shows, release of lucky donation coupons and we managed t procure a 10,200 sq. mts land and the construction of this conceptualized school has already began.However considering the urgency and requirement, the school has been already started in a temporary rented premises from June, 2015. Due to limited space availability hardly 34 children could be enrolled although many parents are approaching too.

It is pointed out that as per Census figures of 2011 there are around 1140 differently abled people in Sanguem and Quepem Talukas and most of them are deprived of facilities they deserve. It is quite sure that out of 1140 people there will be minimum 200 children, which have to be identified as most of them are unfortunately not exposed to the society for various reasons. With the vision of treating such children equal with non-disable children,   we visited some such schools in neighboring states, went through many a book on the subject, collected important information from internet and decided to construct such a dream school.It may be an unique example that a theatre group has accomplished this incredible achievement.