As a Sponsor

The project is planned in three phase structure as under:

PHASE 1: budgeted at Around Rs.4.53 crores.
GROUND FLOOR: [Budgeted at Rs.2.61 Crores] Comprising of classrooms, Amphitheatre, games room, speech therapy and administration block, Physiotherapy, Kitchen, Waiting room, Staff room & Lobby.
1ST FLOOR: [Budgeted at Rs.1.92 crores] Comprising of studio room, occupational therapy room, vocational stream etc.

PHASE 2: Sophisticated Auditorium [budgeted at Rs.2.15 crores]

PHASE 3: Hostel facility, Class rooms & therapy rooms etc., [budgeted at Rs.3 crores]

* NOW, WE NEED TO RAISE 2.25 Crores for completion of GROUND FLOOR of 1st Phase to Start the School.
* AND Total 4.17 Crores for completion of TOTAL 1ST PHASE. [ Ground Plus 1st floor ]

Your willingness to bring a smile on the faces of these children can give them a brighter future. Your sponsorship is a commitment that will surely spell HOPE in the life of a little specially abled child. Through your whole hearted support, a child will have access to education and healthcare and more importantly the courage to dream of a better & self-reliant future.

We earnestly appeal to you to help us to make these children self-reliant and overcome their disabilities:

How you can do it:

1) You can sponsor the entire building block and then it will be run and managed under your name

2) You can sponsor the ground floor or the first floor, the respective floor will be named after your company or the name you choose.

3) There are 15 classrooms in all, besides other rooms, any of which you choose to sponsor will be named after you.

4) You may also donate any amount or sponsor any amount towards built up area of 1 sq mt or more @ Rs 25,000 Per sq mt. Your name will be displayed in school premises.

5) You may sponsor a brick or number of bricks towards the construction of building @ Rs 25 per brick OR Rs.10,000 as 1 Truck Load or more.


Our Journey continues and we would make the school reality with your support… For all inquiries please email us at :